General conditions

1. In these general conditions we will explain the meaning of the terms that have been used, unless the meaning is specifically mentioned.
Flyfishingdutchman: The owner of Flyfishingdutchman and maker of these general conditions.
Customer: A counter party, being a natural person.
These general conditions are valid for all agreements between Flyfishingdutchman and the customer, unless it is specifically mentioned in the agreement.
2. These general conditions are also valid in case third parties are involved in the agreement.
3. The prices in the web-shop are up to date, but it doesn't give the customer any rights, in case a mistake is made by Flyfishingdutchman. This means that Flyfishingdutchman has the right to make corrections in a proper way.

Products offered in our web-shop will be shown with the best pictures available and a complete description. Pricing of the products is clear for the customer and also shipping costs will be shown to the customer before the payment needs to be done.

Sales agreement
After we receive your order, made in our web-shop or by email, we have a sales agreement. Your order will be confirmed with an order confirmation by mail, with all the data you have given us. Flyfishingdutchman is not responsible for mistakes made by the customer, but when noticed we will try to make corrections or contact you as soon as possible. In case the customer finds a mistake in the order confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can make corrections before you order will be send. You can reach us by mail or by phone.

Product prices
Prices in our web-shop are updated as often as needed and checked regularly.
When a price has been raised after we received your order, you will pay the old price, as mentioned in the order confirmation you have received after placing the order.
In case a price is lowered after you placed your order or received your ordered parts, Flyfishingdutchman doesn't own the customer an explanation.

The payment has to be done in euro's and can be done by:
2. Mastercard
4. Paypal
5. Cash by visiting our shop

Return shipments
Flyfishingdutchman wants to have customers who are happy with what the bought. Therefore a customer can always return a shipment complete or partially without any obligation in the original packaging with 7 days. This means products should not be damages by the customer or the transporter. Costs for return shipment will be payd by the customer. After Flyfishingdutchman has received the return shipment, the amount of the returned articles will be transferred to the customers bank account with a week. After 7 days have past, the shipment can no longer be returned.

Delivery time
National deliveries of packages will be done within 2 or 3 days after the products have been shipped. International deliveries of packages can take longer and depends on the destination. National mail by air-bubble envelop take 1 to 3 days after posting and international mail by air-bubble envelop takes longer and depends on the destination. When your order is shipped in a package, you will receive an automatic email with track & trace information.
In case the normal delivery time is exceeded, please contact us and we will investigate the shipping information to see if something is wrong.
The final delivery time will never exceed the above mentioned delivery time with more then a week. In case the normal delivery time is exceeded, the customer needs to contact Flyfishingdutchman, so we can start an investigation.

Shipping is done by Postnl or DPD and depends on the size of the package and the destination.
Flyfishingdutchman is responsible for damage caused by transportation of the order. After the order has been received by the customer, the risc for damaging and loss is for the customer.
In case a shipment is lost during transport, Flyfishingdutchman needs to be noted by the customer by email or phone. Flyfishingdutchman will start an investigation and he will inform the customer about the status. In such case we will ask our customer for corporation and support when necessary.  

Flyfishingdutchman guarantees the quality of the products we deliver, as specified in our web-shop. In case the quality of a product is not good, this product needs to be returned to Flyfishingdutchman so it can be investigated. After the investigation Flyfishingdutchman will decide if the product will be replaced free of charge or with a payment by the customer.
Customers claim their warranty at Flyfishingdutchman and Flyfishingdutchman will claim warranty at the supplier.

Collateral damage
Flyfishingdutchman can not be held responsible for collateral damage by using products delivered by Flyfishingdutchman, unless the customer can prove that Flyfishingdutchman can be blamed for the damage.

Return payments
Payments for returned shipments or for orders paid in advance, will be returned by Flyfishingdutchman according to the general conditions.
Shipping costs will not be returned, unless it is agreed otherwise.

Customer complaints will be solved within 30 days, or we will give you a proper proposal.
These general conditions on all our agreements are according to the Dutch Law.

Publication errors
Flyfishingdutchman can not be held responsible for mistakes made in our web-shop.

By placing an order in the web-shop the customer automatically agrees with the above mentioned general conditions.

Last revision date: January 15, 2024.