New products in our shop

Recently added products in our shop of which we hope you like them.

  • DAM Effzett Heintz Spoons.
  • Greys Titan Fly Reels;
  • Greys Fly Rods;
  • Greys Fly Rod & Reel Combo;
  • Abu Garcia Sölv Seatrout Lure Bags;
  • Abu Garcia Sölv Seatrout Lures;
  • Abu Garcia C4 Bait Casting Reels;
  • Snowbee Fly Reels;
  • Snowbee Backing Line;
  • Snowbee Fly Lines;
  • Abu Garcia SÖLV Seatrout Spinning Rods;
  • Penn Saltwater Fixed Spool Reels;

Fly Fishing Events

Mar. 26 2023: 2nd hand market Vereniging van Vlaamse Vliegvissers, Cafe De Volkslust, Van Heybeeckstraat 26, 2170 Merksem, from 13:00 - 18:00.

April 22 2023: VHV Collectors Exhibition Empel, Empelsedijk 21 Oud-Empel, from 09:30-12:30, free entry and parking.

May 13 & 14 2023: Fly Fair 2023 't Smallert Emst.

November 18 2023: Fly Fishing Exhibition Kempische Vliegvis Club, Dorpscentrum D'Ouw School, Oerle.

Winter Sales

Please check our SALES category with super sales prices. 

This Sales will last until the end of winter time, to make room for new materials.

A.Jensen Spook Seatrout

The Spook Seatrout from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater fisherman. 

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Belly Boats

Please note that we don't have any belly boats in stock, but we can deliver all models from Savage Gear, DAM and Ron Thompson, if available.
Just send us an email which belly boat you would like and we will check if the model is available and give you the best price.
As an extra service we will deliver the belly boat at your home address, if that is within 100KM distance and give you personal advice on the rest of gear you will need, to make sure that you are comfortable and safe on the water.

How to chose the right wading gear?

The main function of waders is to keep you dry and comfortable during a whole day of fishing. But which ones should you choose?

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